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Kiosk software

Web Development and Chat Bot

The Kiosk software developed by MadArtSoft use natural voice integration powered by Cortana owned by Microsoft.

Kiosk Software

Kiosk Software

The system use Cortana Microsoft speech technology. There is obviously other technologies provided by Amazon and also Google but I decided to use Microsoft Cortana as it has nice integration with Windows 10 and Windows 10 IoT.

It’s possible to use the system on the Windows 10 machines but also small computers like Raspberry Pi 3 or other ARM computers.

The Kiosk software allows design systems with voice integration. It’s mean that the user can use voice as using Microsoft Cortana to work with the system instead making selection by keyboard or touch screen. The decision engine use own mechanism to develop answers (text and voice answers). It’s integrated with Azure database and allows system to learn itself if any of information is not in the system.

For example, the user can ask the system about where is not occupied conference room or ask about start presentation in particular room. Also the software is able to design self ordering systems. User can ask the system to order some products and with API the system can be integrated with payment systems. The ARM devices such Raspberry PI, are equipped with I/O ports (GPIO) which can also be controlled by the business logic of the system.

The software allows also integrate the system with (bots) Skype, emails, Slack and I’m working on adding other communication channels. It gives an opportunity to automate communication via mentioned channels using natural voice.