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Online learning courses

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Online learning courses

such as Madartsoft provide a resourceful online learning platform for users looking to develop their skills in computer programming. Madartsoft provides user-friendly web-based courses and practice projects allowing users to learn at their own pace and build their skills with the many practice projects. The practice projects expose users to real-life data so they can apply the knowledge they learnt in the online courses. Technologies covered can include C#, Java, Angular, JavaScript, Git, SQL. Online learning portals can also cover topics such as programming, statistics, data manipulation, machine learning and applied finance. These sites are a useful tool for those interested in IT learning and becoming a Data Analyst or Data Scientist.

IT learning courses

can be taken individually based on user interest or if users are working towards a specific career or skill they can opt for the skill or career “track” programs. These programs compile multiple courses from beginner to advanced so users can learn all the necessary materials for that skill or career track. Examples of skill tracks include Data Manipulation and Statistics with C# and Java. Career tracks include Data Scientist and Data Analyst. Tracks can include many courses or more to guide users through a progressive learning process. Completion of courses and tracks can award users with a certificate of completion. This certificate can be sent to users email and users are also given the option of displaying the certification on their LinkedIn profile. This is advantageous for our online learning platform users looking to showcase certain skills and assets for their desired careers.