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ChatBot Knowledge Software

Knowledge Base Software

ChatBot Knowledge Software

The chatbot Knowledge is displayed on the web browser in separate window or can be implemented in any software.

The layout can be modified also the bot has built in speech recognition service. It allows use microphone by user

User can ask chatbot about products or defects in natural way, for example:
Find defects for product or show me defects for product.
The Artificial Intelligence implemented in the software allows understand human natural language.


The Knowledge ChatBot uses Questions and Answers system and search database to find answer in the Knowledge base.
Now a days most help systems are database systems or simple wiki pages.
The chatbot gives an opportunity to use natural language to search in the knowledge systems. The natural language and Q and A search systems allows use the software not just as predefined commands. Simply ask the bot in natural way. The bot uses artificial intelligence to understand user’s questions.

The knowledge chtbot software support speech recognition system. Users can use microphone instead of typing text
The chatbot also uses the text to speech service. Any response bot is converted from text to speech in several different languages.

Teach the chatbot basic questions, e.g. “Show defects for product Alfa” and the chatbot automatically learn using natural language processing. Later when user asks chatbot “Any defects for product Alfa?” or similar, the chatbot will understand the question.

For more information and demo of ChatBot Knowledge, please visit my deticated chatbot web site