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Data entry software offers a more efficient document management solution. In the era of digital transformation, it’s time to put an end to paper documents. You no longer need to rummage around for suitable forms, manually enter data, and then store piles of papers for years.

It makes it possible to create electronic forms on devices you have at hand and, if necessary, pull up data to automatically fill them out.

Why every Business Needs Data Entry Software

Office clerks, managers, secretaries, etc. have to keep a bunch of papers on their desks. With such an approach, they have to spend precious time trying to find a specific document. Needless to say, this won’t help speed up work processes.

Today, the workflow has become mobile and dynamic as never before. A new piece of information may find a person on the go. If they do not have a suitable form at their fingertips, important data may be delivered with delays or be lost whatsoever.

This will never happen if your company goes paperless. Plus, you will have your peace of mind knowing that your practice is more environmentally-friendly.

Let’s take a look at a few critical benefits that data entry software can deliver:

– Your company can reduce expenditure on hiring and training data entry personnel;

– The necessary forms are always at hand, even if an employee is out of the office;

– You can create custom forms;

– Data entry software significantly accelerates data processing;

– It reduces the risk of errors and inaccuracies when filling out documents;

– You will never lose any important document;

– Needful information is always right when you need it.

With data entry solutions, you can optimize your business operations to be faster, more efficient, and more reliable. On top of that, they help significantly reduce the personnel cost, document handling expenditure, as well as eliminate profit lost due to delays in the transmission and processing of information.

This is How Data Entry Software Works

Data Entry Software is a pretty straightforward yet powerful solution. There are only three steps to take your company to the new paperless era:

1. Create your documents with a form builder. You can install an application on any device, including mobile ones, and create new templates whenever you need them.

2. Share your forms with selected users. Employees who have access to the forms may fill them out, dispatch, and adjust. Upon submission, electronic forms may trigger relevant processes.

3. Distribute reports. Once a specific document is created, it may become available to other employees within your company. You can also configure the software to automatically generate reports, verify information, and send data to other applications or system database.

Besides that, you are able to integrate data entry applications with named entity recognition software. As you fill out a specific form, the information you enter will pull up entries from a preinstalled database. This will help automatically categorize your documents, add related information, and speed up data processing.

Automate, Accelerate, Streamline

In addition to facilitating manual data entry using custom forms, some types of data entry software are capable of reading information from an electronic source and automatically processing it.

For example, you can feed it PDF documents, emails, websites, etc., and the software will extract essential information, categorize it, and add it into spreadsheets, databases, etc. While companies normally require a huge team of data entry staff to organize, group, and process this data, our software is able to partially or fully automate this work.

Use Cases

Due to its versatility and efficiency, as well as the ability to be customized for each specific business, data entry software has a wide range of use cases.

For example, you can rely on this software to create invoices, process forms, automate document-based workflow, as well as scan and categorize the information found in online sources. Here are just a few examples of use cases:

– arrange any data concerning specific works;

– create inspections and checklists;

– generate order forms as well as production/fulfillment reports;

– fill out installation, maintenance, repair, upgrade, etc. reports;

– fill out survey and feedback forms and process the data they contain.

Captious Data entry software will come in handy for virtually any industry, from construction, manufacturing, transportation, utility services to marketing, retail, banking, insurance, healthcare companies, and many others.

What Else Can We Do for You?

Captious Data entry software can be the first step towards automating business processes within your company. The first step but not the only one.

Knowledge Base Software offers comprehensive AI-powered solutions to make your business efficient, responsive, flexible, and fast. While competition in every industry gets more severe every day, our smart solutions will enable you to lead the field.

Thanks to our Captious knowledge base software, you can dramatically improve customer support by providing information on frequently asked questions in a timely manner. Combine this with named entity recognition, and the software will be able to determine the subject of the message, highlight keywords, and send the request to the appropriate departments to handle.

We also develop chatbots to streamline communications with existing and potential clients on social media, corporate websites, online shops, and other digital platforms. If your company needs automation tools to optimize business operations, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call, let’s discuss your needs, and we are sure to offer you a game-changer solution.

The Data Entry Software works with Named Entity Recognition and Knowledge Base software.