St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom


Knowledge Base Software

Madartsoft is a bespoke Kiosk software development company with voice recognition

We provide Kiosk software with voice recognition systems. The kiosk systems can be used as a self ordering systems with speech recognition and also as a office assistants with voice recognition. We use Microsoft Cortana engine in our software

Internet Of Things solutions development

is also a speciality of Madartsoft. We can provide custom designed IoT solutions hardware and software depending on the clients’ needs or can update clients’ current applications using software migration or alteration. Alternatively, we can adapt and add application solutions already discovered. All solutions are tailored and we keep our clients’ budgets in mind to allow for company growth. Internet Of Things systems developed by Madartsoft from scratch includes a recent software project that was developed as a Kiosk systems, customer service management systems. Features included in the majority of these systems include hardware design and software development for embedded systems.