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What Is Knowledge Base Software?

If you haven’t heard of knowledge base software, you are not alone. However, it’s certainly something that you should be paying attention to if you have a business. You don’t need to understand the ins and outs of knowledge base software (that’s what we’re here for), but it’s extremely helpful to have a basic understanding of what it is and what it does.

How Do Businesses Use Knowledge Base Software?

Simply, knowledge base software is there to help businesses with their customer support and customer self-service. It improves the front end experience of customers, as their queries are answered and problems are addressed, while also providing the business user with an accessible back end software. Rather than having to oversee individual customer experiences, knowledge base software allows businesses to focus on other things. Though knowledge base software is not able to handle every complex query, it is able to handle a lot and this is why it’s an asset.

How Does Knowledge Base Software Work?

There are a number of software categories out there and knowledge base software is one it its own right, though it’s closely linked to knowledge management, meaning that it’s unlike other types of software. It’s used to store a range of complex information used by a computer, both structured and unstructured, and it’s able to optimise it. Information can be stored, organised, optimised and retrieved by knowledge base software. This allows the business or general public to easily find information and answers to queries without relying on personal communication. There is no limit as to the type of information that can be organised by knowledge base software and many businesses use it for products, services, departments and topics.

Knowledge base software is often used by businesses that have large amounts of documentation that are otherwise difficult to retrieve correctly, but this doesn’t mean that knowledge base software cannot be used in other ways. With knowledge base software, businesses are able to focus on handling complex customer queries knowing that the knowledge base software is handling the more common questions. To find out more about knowledge base software, get in touch

This approach used in our Captious software allows users to enter free text and the software will properly extract entities (extract words and word meaning) from the data. The knowledge data should be trained to work properly.

The learning process is easy. The customer support team should feed the software some number of questions and answers and the software will be able to learn from sentences and recognize the context of questions.

More information related to the knowledge base software is here Wikipedia.

Most software help solves problems using Questions and Answers dialogue but often is not enough. Often user enters the data as text and the software should recognize the context of the problem, extract entities such as problems, people, locations, etc.

In this case, the knowledge base will extract the information and process. As a result, the knowledge software response will return in most cases predictions. As it’s done in our Captious software

As mentioned before to achieve this task, the software with the knowledge base has to be trained. The training is just entering as much information as possible and the knowledge base will be able to use trained data to predict the result.

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