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Knowledge base software

Knowledge Base Software

Knowledge base software development
Knowledge base software development

The knowledge base software is an Artificial Intelligence technique that helps solve daily issues in almost every field.

What are the reasons to use knowledge software? Very often customers asking customer support to answer for the same or similar questions.

Instead of repeating the operation of copy and paste the answer to every customer, the software can help and improve the customer service teams answering questions.

This approach allows users to enter free text and the software will properly extract entities (extract words and word meaning) from the data. The knowledge base should be trained to work properly.

The learning process is easy. The customer support team should feed the software some number of questions and answers and the software will be able to learn from sentences and recognize the context of questions.

More information related to the knowledge base is here Wikipedia.

Most software help solves problems using Questions and Answers dialogue but often is not enough. Often user enters the data as text and the software should recognize the context of the problem, extract entities such as problems, people, locations, etc.

In this case, the knowledge base will extract the information and process. As a result, the knowledge base will return in most cases predictions.

As mentioned before to achieve this task, the knowledge base has to be trained. The training is just entering as much information as possible and the knowledge base will be able to use trained data to predict the result.

As mentioned before the knowledge base can be used in most scenarios.

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