Named Entity Recognition pharmaceutical

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Named Entity Recognition (NER) in the pharmaceutical industry.

Named Entity Recognition

The video shows the integration knowledge base with chat bot supporting pharmaceutical software. The Named Entity Recognition allows recognizing entities in the text provided by users or support team.

For example, a user enters text such as “Patient had a headache after taking AlphaBeta1.” and the knowledge base software recognizes entities like patient, product and side effects. Later process the recognized entities in, for example, analytics software.

For more information about the knowledge base please visit this page.

The software can work as a standalone web site or can be integrated into chat bot. This solution allows for joining the power of chat bot software with knowledge base software.

The knowledge software is an expert software and the chat bot allows interact the user with the software using natural human communication instead of using IT jargon.

This particular solution described above is dedicated to Named Entity Recognition in the pharmaceutical industry. The software recognizes free text or uploaded text from large range sources that can be recognized as entities and used by other software.