Twitter Sentiment text analysis

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The Twitter Analysis allows analyze twitter posts and make sentiment analysis based on twitter posts. It’s basically the technique for sentiment analysis using text mining (Natural Language Processing).

This software can analyze social media posts. For example, using this software we, are able to get the latest user’s feelings from Twitter related to the subject I’m interested in (also the location of posts can be considered). Obviously there can be hundreds or thousand posts, but the software uses the sentiment text analysis and can show me the ‘emotion’ of each entry on Twitter in scale from -1.0 to 1.0. The -1.0 means that the user was a terrible experience or feeling about a given subject or product. Using Twitter, we are able to filter posts based on location or dates. Just adding further changes, we can observe forums or other media. The Twitter sentiment text analysis can be used together with our other tools like Named Entity Recognition to boost your business.

The web application is available here:

To use the Android software following steps are necessary. The first user must set up the twitter account and retrieve the keys. Please follow the setup procedure below:

Go to

Create a new application by pressing the button ‘Create new app’.

On next page fill all fields marked ‘*’

Once the application is successful created, please go to tab ‘Keys and access tokens’.

Pick up the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret and enter into fields in the ‘Settings’ window of the Twitter Analysis software.