Web chatbot

Bespoke Software Development

Chatbots are extremaly useful when customer needs to have quick contact. For example in booking systems or more important daily operations like access to knowledge base about products, services or technical issues. Instead of browse manulas or read FAQ, customer can ask the question and the chatbot find revelant answers. Customers can use natural human language to interact with chatbot as it understands human language in free form. It doesn’t need to be technical jargon.

Our webchat bot solution allows answer to users questions like human being. It uses artificial intelligence technology and conversations between user and the web chatbot are similar to human conversation, for example:

User: How can I change settings?

Web chatbot: You can change settings in control panel. Does the answer solve the problem?

User: yes.

Web chatbot: Great, thank you for using our system.

Another more advanced conversation is when user want to create issue ticket because the answer can’t be found in the knowledge base.

User: How can I switch the lights?

Web chatbot: Please press button SWITCH ON. Does the answer solve the problem?

User: It doesn’t work.

Web chatbot: I’m sorry for hear that. Would you like to create support ticket or conect to our advisor?

User: Please add the support ticket and inform me about updates.

Web chatbot: Thank you. The support ticket has been created. The number is: 00012344 and you will be informed about aby updates.

The chatbot software increase number of solved issues by support teams and also reduce costs of support.

More information please visit our dedicated chatbot web site where also you will find online demo chatbot.